Exhibitor Guide

This page contains training and resources for exhibitors participating in this year’s Virtual Meeting.  Click each tab for instructions and to learn more about how each of these programs will work in an Online Format.

Important Dates

Booth Details Due:  11/26/21

Event Day 1: 12/10/21

Event Day 2:  12/11/21

Click Here to submit your booth details







As an exhibitor, you receive a booth in the Virtual Exhibition Hall.  From your booth you can play pre-recorded videos and presentations, hold live demonstrations, and directly interact with attendees though live video chat.  Your booth also features custom branding and call-to-action options.

Exhibitors Receive

  • Customizable Virtual Booth Space
  • Dedicated exhibitor showcase time on the schedule
  • Live broadcasts from your office/home office
  • Video chat with booth visitors
  • Lead generation tool – you will receive data of visitors who show interest
  • Ability to present your services via screenshare, live video, or pre-recorded video content
  • Link any Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia video to play on-demand whenever your booth is not being manned
  • Group text chat with conference participants
  • Post-Event booth traffic report detailing every attendee visit to your booth during the event


Once you’ve signed up as an exhibitor, you’ll need to fill out an exhibitor details form.  This form will provide us with the information we need to setup your virtual booth.

After completing your form, event staff from B-Online will reach out to setup an exhibitor onboarding call.  During this call, we’ll answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with tips and information to get the most out of your virtual booth.

The exhibitor details form will provide us with the information we need to setup your virtual booth.  You must submit your details by 11/26/21 If you get stuck, or have any questions, please email lwoodward@coachmarketingltd.com

Below is an overview of what information you’ll need to complete your form:

  1. Company name
  2. Company headline (e.g.: The best virtual events platform)
  3. Company description (what do you want attendees to know about you?)
  4. Company website URL
  5. Optional: Your special offer (max 60 characters). This is exclusive to this event’s attendees. It can be a discount, an extended trial of your service, or an extra freebie (e.g.: enter promo code AC10 for 10% off your next order).
  6. Promotional video or Google Slides Presentation (link to a promotional video or presentation that will display inside your booth whenever you are not live. THIS HAS TO BE a Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or Google Slides link)
  7. Call to action button will (pick one):
    1. Link to a webpage (same URL as the above website)
    2. Allow attendees to send their name/email to the booth moderator in which they are registering their interest to be contacted by you in the future (note you will receive one email per attendee who clicks this button)
  8. Call to action button label (max 20 characters, e.g.: Register Here)
  9. Your contact email (this is the email address that will receive attendee emails; you may want to set up a separate email address or add a “rule” to your existing email account to filter these emails from your inbox)

Finding and Entering your virtual booth

  1. Login to the event on Hopin (link will be provided prior to event)
  2. Go to the expo section on the left sidebar and select your booth. If you’ve chosen to stream a pre-recorded video, then at this point all that’s left to do is monitor the chat.

Staffing your expo booth

We will add your company’s expo staff as moderators of your Expo booth. Moderators can control which expo participants can go on-screen at any given time. Moderators cannot prohibit viewers from entering the booth and watching the conversation taking place on-screen.

We suggest having someone monitoring your virtual expo booth’s chat throughout the event, as well. If you need to step away, Hopin suggests leaving a comment in the chat saying you’ve stepped away from the booth and will return shortly.

Going Live

To go live at any time, you can toggle the presentation mode button (upper right of screen) off at any time. You will then see a button that says “Share Audio and Video.” Once clicked, confirm your audio/video settings to be added on-screen. Moderators can go on-screen at any time by clicking this button. Once done, you will see your face on camera in your expo booth. You can share your screen while live streaming.

During the event: moderating your booth

The event Organizer has pre-determined you as a moderator who can go on-screen (share your audio/video) whenever you choose. Attendees can request to join you on-screen by sharing their audio/video, but they must be approved by a moderator to be brought on-screen.

Operating your expo booth

As a moderator of your expo booth, you control which viewers are able to video chat and share their screen at any given time. This could be other members of your team or general participants visiting your booth. Moderators see a “Moderation Panel” at the bottom left of their screen. When an attendee requests to go on-screen, their name and profile picture appear under the Moderation Panel.
The moderator can hover over the profile picture of an attendee they would like to add on-screen and click the “+” sign to add that attendee on-screen.

Once an attendee is on-screen, a moderator can remove the attendee by clicking the red icon beside the attendee’s name.

The two numbers in the top right corner of your booth indicate how many people are viewing your expo (left number) and how many people are participating via video (right number) at any given time.

Know when attendees enter your booth

Booth moderators and organizers are notified when an attendee enters their booth. The notification message appears above the chat for a matter of seconds before disappearing. Note: This notification displays only when the booth is set to live sessions, not presentations or pre-recorded video.

Sidebar features

The right sidebar of your expo booth includes three useful features:

  • Booth: a panel including your logo, company description, and custom call to action button
  • Chat: an exclusive chat room for viewers of the expo booth
  • People: a list of all people registered for the conference. You can use this tab to find the Hopin profile of anyone you’ve interacted or connected with. You can also try to message them directly, but Hopin’s notification system is not fully operational, so they may not see the message.

Communicate with attendees

If you interact with someone in your expo booth or via Hopin networking with whom you would like to talk further, you can also message them directly through the “People” tab present throughout the platform. Simply search their name.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or run into any issues, click here to email Lisa Woodward with B-Online.

Hopin Guides/Info

 Equipment Recommendations

Quick Reference Guide (Troubleshooting Tips)

  • Join from a compatible browser. Hopin works best on Chrome or Firefox.  Pro tip: Make sure your browser is up to date.
  • Check your internet speed and network.  We recommend a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload. Ideally, we like to see 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for the best quality – test your speed here
  • If you are using a VPN (network) or device provided by your employer, ensure your device can access and share your camera and microphone on.
  • Ensure you can access hopin.to. You may have to check with your IT department if using a device or network provided by your employer.
  • Restart your computer before joining the event. This ensures that there are no other video applications holding onto audio or video for any reason.
  • Please use headphones when participating on-screen.  This will help eliminate echo and feedback.